What is a GLS Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shops form a complex network of more than 40.000 pick-up and collection site throughout Europe. Parcel Shops are found in contractual partners' premises and serve as an alternative way for picking-up and sending of parcels transported within GLS transport network.

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Advantages of GLS Parcel Shops

More than 1000 Parcel Shops
More than 1000 parcel outlets are available for the recipient to pick up their parcel.
No waiting in line
Parcels can be picked up without waiting in a long queue.
Easy package dispatch
With e-Balik you can easily create an address label and quickly send the package.
Long opening hours
Every Parcel Shop has long opening hours for parcel dispatch and pickup.

What can GLS Parcel Shop be used for?

Every GLS Parcel Shop in Czech Republic can be used to sending and picking up parcels.

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How to become a GLS Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shops are located in the stores of our partners. Let's benefit from mutually beneficial cooperation.

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How to integrate direct delivery to GLS Parcel Shops

Offer your e-shop customers direct delivery to GLS Parcel Shop with ShopDeliveryService.

Let us know where you need a GLS Parcel Shop, give us a tip on your favourite store and we'll do our best to get the location open as soon as possible.

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