ParcelShop equipment

Everything you need for your ParcelShop.GLS provides ParcelShop owners with everything they need for their store – from flyers to illuminated signs. You will receive a basic kit, with additional promotional material available if needed. The equipment will help you to draw attention to your ParcelShop and inform your customers.

GLS ParcelShop display

Flyers with stand-up display I Basic kit

21 cm x 13 cm

ParcelShop flyers neatly ordered and available to hand in a strong, transparent stand-up display. The flyers contain information for customers on sending parcels and the current price list.

ParcelShop ceiling banner

Outdoor flag / ceiling banner I Basic kit

40 cm x 50 cm

This weather-resistant flag is ideal for drawing attention to your ParcelShop, either outdoors or indoors as a ceiling banner.

GLS ParcelShop Door sign Collection Time

Door sign "Collection Time" I Basic kit

25 cm x 21 cm

Important information for your customers: The door sign tells customers by what time they have to hand over their parcels so that GLS can start shipping them the same day.

GLS ParcelShop Logo Window sticker basic

Window sticker I Basic kit

49,5 cm x 23 cm

The window sticker shows customers your business is also a ParcelShop. It can be attached to your shop door as well as to the window.

GLS ParcelShop Price list Plexiglass holder

Price list and terms and conditions in a plexiglass holder I Basic kit


All the important information at a glance: In the plexiglass holder GLS’s terms and conditions and the current price list are visible to everyone.

GLS PaketShop Fensteraufkleber gross

Large window sticker I Supplementary kit

130 cm x 40 cm

The large window sticker tells your customers from afar that your store is a GLS ParcelShop. You can attach the sticker to your shop window or door.

GLS ParcelShop Pavement sign

Pavement sign I Supplementary kit

120 cm x 63 cm

Ideal for directing people into your store, the water-resistant display stand includes ParcelShop posters on both sides.

GLS ParcelShop Bow flag (old)

Bow flag I Supplementary kit

205 cm x 95 cm

The bow flag is a real eye-catcher. With its sweeping sail-shape, the flag draws the attention of potential customers to your GLS ParcelShop.

GLS ParcelShop Illuminated sign

Illuminated sign I Supplementary kit

68 cm x 47 cm x 12cm

The illuminated sign is attached to the exterior of your shop. Especially at dusk or at night it is an effective means of advertising your additional service.