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GLS price list at a glance

GLS ParcelShop

The parcel price depends on the parcel’s size. It is calculated by adding together the
longest and shortest side. In the GLS price list, there are five price categories in total. A parcel may weigh up to 40 kg. Heavier parcels can be picked up by a delivery driver.

The parcel price includes all surcharges and VAT.

GLS price list for parcel shipment

SizeLongest + shortest side max.Within the Czech RepublicWithin the European Union
   SlovakiaEuro IEuro IIEuro IIIEuro IV
XSmax. 35 cmCZK 79CZK 159CZK 259CZK 472CZK 677CZK 947
Smax. 50 cmCZK 99CZK 226CZK 357CZK 637CZK 952CZK 1,407
Mmax. 65 cmCZK 114CZK 250CZK 448CZK 832CZK 1,107CZK 2,202
Lmax. 80 cmCZK 139CZK 298CZK 540CZK 987CZK 1,207CZK 3,007
XLup to max. size*CZK 189CZK 404CZK 852CZK 1,197CZK 1,557CZK 4,177

*Maximum size: circumferential length up to 300 cm (1x length + 2x width + 2x height, maximum length: 2 m if sent via a GLS depot or picked up by a delivery driver / 1 m if sent via a ParcelShop, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)

Cash on delivery

Within the Czech Republic, you can send a cash on delivery parcel. The delivery driver will then only hand over the parcel to the recipient after the money is collected. The service fee is added to the regular parcel price.

Price of additional services in Czech Republic
DELIVERY TO THE PARCELSHOPParcel delivery to a ParcelShop in the Czech Republic- 10 CZK
PICK-UP BY GLS DRIVERpick-up at required address in Czech Rep.43 CZK
CASH ON DELIVERYdelivery against payment in max. ammount 60.000 CZK45 CZK
FLEXDELIVERY SERVICENotification via e-mail with options to manage deliveryFREE

The Euro zones

Euro IAustria, Germany, Poland
Euro IIBelgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia
Euro IIIBulgaria, Estonia, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Spain
Euro IVFinland, Portugal, Sweden


Prices for collection via the online tool e-Balik are calculated on the same basis as ParcelShop prices. Try the e-Balik application and take advantage of additional functions such as parcel pick-up at a specific address.