Christmas work schedule 2019

News 08/11/2019

GLS will operate on a limited basis during the Christmas holidays. In order to plan ahead, please follow the work schedule of GLS Czech Republic.

The schedule for the upcoming holiday season is as follows:

  • Monday 23.12.2019 Regular working day
  • Tuesday 24.12.2019 Closed
  • Wednesday 25.12.2019 Closed
  • Thursday 26.12.2019 Closed
  • Friday 27.12.2019 Regular working day
  • Saturday 28.12.2019 Closed
  • Sunday 29.12.2019 Closed
  • Monday 30.12.2019 Regular working day
  • Tuesday 31.12.2019 Closed
  • Wednesday 1.1.2020 Closed

For delivery in time for Christmas, we recommend to order goods from e-shops at the latest in the calendar week of December 9th, so that the parcel can be handed over into the transport network of GLS Czech Republic in time. The latest date for handing over a parcel into the Czech transport network is December 17th.

Only in case of handing over on these dates we are able to provide complete transport service - including the possibility of redirection of the parcel or second delivery attempt before Christmas - in case that the consignee was not reached.

Please consider the standard delivery times for international transport.