Green logistics

GLS emphasizes the sustainability of its provided parcel services, and as a sector leader, is aware of its extraordinary responsibility to the environment and society. In practice, this means we provide customers with quality parcel logistics services, while respecting and actively promoting the principles of sustainable development, safeguarding the environment for future generations.

In its Sustainability Report, GLS provides information on developments, including key data on its contribution to a balanced environment.

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Ecological delivery on GLS e-bike in Prague

GLS actively supports the pilot project of the Capital City of Prague for the implementation of a cyclodep in the parking lot in Florence. Since November 2020, every day, the GLS courier delivers part of the parcels in the historic city center completely emission-free on a freight electric bicycle.

GLS workers plant trees along the road to offset carbon emissions

ThinkGreen program

GLS is aware of its responsibility and takes measures to protect the environment.

GLS electric parcel delivery vans charge at a solar-powered depot

Our responsibility

GLS has a holistic understanding of sustainability that encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects of its corporate responsibility.

Lineup of GLS electric delivery vans, trikes and cargo bikes


With ThinkGreenService senders can contribute to CO2 emissions compensation in relation to the parcel delivery.