Frequently asked questions and answers

When will my parcel arrive?

Parcels within the Czech Republic are usually delivered on the next working day after the pick-up. In Europe, standard delivery times for parcels to neighbouring countries generally lie between 24 and 48 hours. For all European countries at a larger distance, delivery times usually lie between 72 and 120 hours. Delivery times are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed. GLS delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours. Parcel tracking shows you the expected delivery date.

Parcel tracking

How do I find out where my parcel is right now?

With the online parcel tracking function you can track your parcel at any time. Please note that GLS uses distribution centres, so the dispatch route may not always seem direct to you. To see where your parcel is right now, simply enter the parcel number.

Parcel tracking

What happens if I’m not at home at the time of delivery?

GLS will attempt to find a neighbour willing to accept and sign for your parcel. If no neighbour can accept your parcel, GLS will take the parcel back to the depot.

In both cases, the delivery driver leaves a notification card with information about the neighbour’s name and/or GLS contact information. You can arrange a new delivery attempt by contacting GLS via e-mail or phone. If the FlexDeliveryService has been activated by the sender, you can select a delivery option online using the web application Delivery Manager.You can contact GLS via email, phone or web application GLS Delivery Manager to communicate best conditions for next delivery attempt. Online you can select from a range of options to redirect your parcel and GLS will make another delivery attempt in accordance with your instructions.

If second delivery attempt fails, GLS can make a third attempt at the consignee’s request within the storage period. If the last delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, the parcel will be returned to the sender after a storage period of five working days from the pick-up day.

I am often not at home. How will I receive my parcel?

When ordering online you can often enter an alternative delivery address. This, for example, can be your place of work if your employer agrees to this.

Can GLS leave my parcel with a neighbour?

Yes. If you are not at home, the driver may leave your parcel with a neighbour. They will naturally have to sign for it. The driver will leave a notification card with the relevant information. If GLS has received your e-mail address or mobile number from the sender (with your consent), you will be informed via e-mail or SMS about the delivery time and the neighbour´s name.

Can GLS leave my parcel at a ParcelShop for me to collect?

Yes. If your parcel cannot be delivered to you or a neighbour, you can choose this option via the Delivery Manager web application. GLS will inform you about the delivery to the ParcelShop via email if the sender forwarded it to GLS (with your consent). You then have five working days in which to collect it from the ParcelShop. Note: To collect a parcel you will need a valid identity card or passport.

Where can I find my nearest ParcelShop?

Simply use the GLS ParcelShop finder to search for a shop and directions.

ParcelShop finder

Can another person collect my parcel from the ParcelShop?

Yes. Just hand the person an informal written authorisation. It should include your name and address, as well as the name and address of the collector. You can also fill out the form in the Delivery Manager web application. The authorised person must bring the authorisation and a valid identity card or passport.

Can I authorise GLS to leave a parcel at an agreed place?

Yes, for the second delivery attempt, you can authorise GLS to leave a parcel at an agreed place, for example, in your garage. To do this, you must give your instructions via the Delivery Manager web application.

What is parcel redirection?

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, you as the recipient can choose what happens next. Your parcel redirection options are as follows:

  • A second delivery attempt to your address – you choose on which day.
  • Delivery to another address, on a chosen day, which you specify
  • Parcel delivery to a GLS ParcelShop of your choice. You have five working days to collect your parcel there.
  • Issue a drop off permission. The GLS driver can deliver your parcel to the place you specify, even if nobody is present.
  • Refuse acceptance: the parcel is then returned to the sender.
  • Collect the parcel yourself at the depot: The parcel remains in the depot and is available for collection for five working days.

The choice of delivery options is available if the sender has forwarded your e-mail address to GLS (with your consent). It is also available if you contact GLS and receive access data to the Delivery Manager web application.

I want to return my parcel. What do I do?

You can return a parcel via a GLS ParcelShop or order its collection using the online pick-up order tool e-Balik. In both cases, the usual parcel prices apply.

Can I pay cash on delivery parcels by credit card?

Yes, payment for parcels sent with the CashService can either be made in cash or by credit card directly with the delivery driver – provided that the sender allows this method of payment.

My parcel is damaged. What can I do?

The sender is responsible for packing goods properly. If a parcel has any external damage, for example a hole in the box, you can refuse to accept the parcel. GLS will then return the parcel to the sender.

In case of any visible damage to the parcel or packaging, you can check the content of the parcel upon delivery. The delivery driver records this checking in a report prepared together with the recipient (“damage record”).

If you accept a parcel, that seems to be intact and discover that the contents are damaged when you open it, you should complain to the sender. This is because GLS cannot check and must not check the contents of sent parcels. Postal secrecy also applies to GLS.

My parcel hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

First of all check the status of your parcel using the parcel tracking function of GLS. To do this, enter the parcel number the sender has given you – if not, ask the sender for the number. Secondly, look for the notification card that a GLS driver leaves behind if no-one is at home at the first delivery attempt. The notification card will tell you where your parcel is – for example, with a neighbour or in a GLS depot . The parcel number will also be included on the card, enabling you to use the parcel tracking function or the GLS parcel redirection function.

If shipment tracking does not help you, get in touch using the contact form or call our hotline: +420 567 771 111 (* Fixed phone lines. You pay according to the tariff of your phone provider) We will gladly try to answer your question. The parcel number helps us, so please have it ready.

My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get more information?

Simply call our hotline: +420 567 771 111 (* Fixed phone lines. You pay according to the tariff of your phone provider)

Alternatively, send your question via the contact form.