You choose – we deliver

Have a say about date, location and more with the FlexDelivery Service

Select and influence delivery according to your wishes. For the second delivery attempt, GLS offers you a wide range of delivery options.

The delivery options are available as soon as you have received an e-mail or text message by GLS with information about an unsuccessful first delivery attempt.

Before the delivery attempt, GLS lets you know when your order is likely to arrive, even giving you a three-hour delivery time frame. Then you know if someone is there that day to accept the parcel.

If this is not the case and you miss the delivery attempt, the delivery options are available. You receive an e-mail or text message containing a link which leads you directly to the delivery options for your parcel. You can choose the best way to receive your parcel for the second delivery attempt.

The delivery options at a glance

  • Delivery to the same address on a specific date
  • Delivery to a new address
  • Delivery after working hours between 17.00 and 20.00 (only available in GLS depot cities)
  • Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop
  • Collection at a GLS depot
  • Grant a drop off permission
  • Refusal of acceptance

Choose a delivery date

You can select a specific date. Four working days after the first delivery date are available for selection. Just click the option “New delivery date” and confirm. GLS will deliver at the desired day.

Enter new address

You can have your parcel delivered to a different address than the one you originally gave when placing the order. For example this can be the address of your workplace or the address of a neighbour or family member, who is at home during the day. You choose the option “New delivery address”, enter the new address and confirm. GLS will instantly redirect your parcel.

Delivery after working hours

You can have your parcel delivered after working hours. In the depot cities evening delivery between 17.00 and 20.00 is possible. It is a convenient solution for working people who are not at home during the day. Simply click the option “Evening delivery” and confirm. GLS will deliver your parcel when you are at home – between 17.00 and 20.00.

Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop

You can select a GLS ParcelShop and have your parcel delivered there directly. At the ParcelShop, there is always somebody present to accept the consignment. Choose a GLS ParcelShop directly online, for example a shop located on your way to work.

GLS ParcelShops have customer-friendly opening hours and you can collect your parcel when it suits you best. If you are away for a couple of days, the parcel is stored for you for up to four working days. Simply click the option “Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop”, choose your desired GLS ParcelShop and confirm. GLS will redirect the parcel and deliver it to the desired ParcelShop.

Pick up at a GLS depot

You can choose to pick up your parcel yourself at a GLS depot. The parcel then remains in the depot responsible for your address and is available for collection for up to four working days. After this time, the parcel is returned to the sender. Simply click the option “Personal pick up in GLS depot” and confirm. GLS will store your parcel safely for you.

Grant a drop off permission

You can issue a drop off permission for your parcel – at a place in the immediate vicinity to your address, for example, on your terrace. GLS will leave your parcel at that place.

You are completely independent in terms of the delivery time. The drop off permission is valid for the parcel, which is referred to in the e-mail and the link, not for further parcels that you receive with GLS.

Refuse acceptance

You can refuse acceptance of a consignment online. This could for example be considered, if you have not ordered goods or if you have withdrawn from the purchase of the goods. Simply click the option “Refuse” and confirm. GLS will transport the parcel back to the sender.