As a parcel service provider, GLS is an important element in the supply chain of its customers and infrastructure of the Czech Republic. We are aware of our responsibility and we are taking the maximum possible measures to protect the health of our workers involved in the operation of our transport network and thereby protect the health of our customers. GLS also takes all measures to maintain its full parcel services.

Information for recipients

The delivery of parcels to home and business addresses is currently subject to a special regime in accordance with government regulations and expert advice. Maximum emphasis is placed on limiting physical contact between the courier and the recipient and observing hygiene measures. All recipients of parcels are advised to familiarise themselves with the Ten Rules for Responsible Parcel Recipients in an Emergency Situation.

Download Ten Rules

driver with a mask

Contactless parcel delivery

In order to protect the health of customers and employees, packages are currently delivered in a non-contact manner, where contact between the courier and the recipient is completely eliminated and emphasis is placed on maintaining a safe distance. Upon delivery, the courier rings the bell, puts the package down, steps back and waits for the recipient to collect the package. The courier then signs for the package in the scanner, which means there is no contact with the scanner.

Information for senders

Parcels are sent as standard according to the contractual terms and conditions. With regard to government regulations and expert recommendations, it is carried out with increased emphasis on protecting the health of all workers, i.e. our transport partners and customers. The handover must be carried out as far as possible at a distance, with an emphasis on compliance with hygiene measures.

Preventive measures

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have implemented a number of measures based on official recommendations from authorities and professional institutions. We ensure that these are strictly and regularly monitored and, if necessary, we are ready to take further necessary steps to ensure the health of our employees and customers.

Information on international shipping

International parcel transport is still possible, no restrictions are currently recorded.

Information about the GLS ParcelShop network

All ParcelShops in the Czech GLS network remain open without restrictions and are available for the safe and fast dispatch and collection of parcels. The current list of ParcelShops can be found here.