Environmental protection

Protecting our environment is a guiding principle at GLS – and one that is brought to life by employees across Europe. In 2008, GLS launched its environmental initiative in order to coordinate and proactively foster the diverse array of activities within the GLS Group. The objective: responsible handling of resources, the reduction of emissions and the optimisation of waste disposal.

Climate Protect program

GLS Group has been actively seeking and implementing ways to reduce our environmental impact, as have our local transport partners. The aims are to use resources as efficiently as possible and to optimise processes.

We think and act in an environmentally friendly manner in all areas of the company: from transport planning and buildings through to individual workplaces. Environmental Officers are employed at all GLS national subsidiaries in Europe; it’s their job to ensure the implementation of Group-wide environmental protection measures.


Climate Protect measures

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Green parcel transport

With green parcel transport senders can contribute to CO2 emissions compensation in relation to the parcel delivery.

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Our responsibility

GLS takes a holistic approach to sustainable development and strives to achieve sustainable commercial growth with an emphasis on environmental protection.

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Sustainability Report

GLS reports in detail on its current goals, activities and progress in economic, social, environmental and corporate matters.