Signature release authorisation

A comfortable solution for recipients

If desired, GLS leaves parcels at an agreed location – for example, in a garage or on a patio.

This is especially useful for recipients who cannot be there to receive their parcel in person. It means they are entirely independent of the delivery time.

Issuing a release authorisation to GLS is easy. Simply download the PDF file, print it, fill it out – don’t forget to sign it - and send it to your GLS depot. Alternatively, you can simply hand the release authorisation for the next delivery to the GLS driver. Once you issue a release authorisation to GLS, leaving the parcel at the defined location counts as successful parcel delivery.

You have two options

When filling out the release authorisation form you can choose between a one-off or a general signature release authorisation. In the case of a one-off release authorisation, the driver will leave the next parcel at the specified location. All subsequent parcels will be handed over to you personally. If you issue a general authorisation, GLS will deliver every parcel to the specified location in the future.

Revoking a release authorisation

You can revoke a release authorisation at any time. All you need to do is send an informal letter to your nearest GLS depot with your signature.

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