Milestones in the history of GLS

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100% ownership in Poland

GLS takes over the remaining share of GLS Poland. As a result, the company, which is based in Poznan, becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLS.


GLS enters the Baltic States

GLS acquires a new network partner in the Baltic States – LEX SYSTEM. LEX SYSTEM serves Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Full area-coverage in the Baltic region is achieved.


Formation of GLS Spain

The Spanish subsidiary of GLS, Extand Sistema, is renamed GLS Spain. GLS gradually builds up its own network in Spain. In areas not yet covered it continues to work with local partners.

GLS in the Czech Republic

GLS Czech Republic is founded. A hub in Humpolec and eight depots form the basis of the company’s national network in the Czech Republic – with full-area coverage from day one.


100% express in Denmark

GLS Denmark acquires the remaining shares of Stafetten. The company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GLS Group.


GLS Portugal founded

GLS Portugal is founded, headquartered in Lisbon. The company is a joint venture between GLS and Kislog. It takes over all the divisions of the Kislog subsidiary Personalis, which was previously the network partner of GLS in Portugal. All systems are reconciled with those of GLS.

New scanning technology

GLS begins the step-by-step introduction of new scanning technology. 18,000 new handheld scanners and 5,000 scan stations are rolled out across Europe. Using mobile data transfer systems, information can be transmitted in almost real time.