Milestones in the history of GLS

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Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the operations of a franchisee with depots in Genoa, Chiavari, Savona and Imperia.


Systematic quality

GLS develops a harmonised quality management system across Europe. The aim is to create uniform national and international standards within the GLS Group network.


Partner in Norway

Nor-Cargo (nowadays a subsidiary of Posten Norge) becomes the partner of GLS in Norway. GLS customers thus have access to comprehensive delivery services throughout the entire country.


Partner in Greece and Cyprus

ACS - Air Courier Service S.A. becomes the new partner of GLS in Greece and Cyprus. ACS was founded in 1981 and is today one of the leading providers of local courier services in the two countries.


Partner in Switzerland

Swiss Post International Logistics AG and GLS sign a network partner agreement. Under the name Swiss Post GLS, an independent competence centre is established within the Swiss Post that markets the European services of GLS, delivers in Switzerland and feeds parcels into the GLS network. Swiss Post was an existing partner in the European General Parcel cooperation.


GLS IT Services is launched

GLS IT Services is launched in Neuenstein. Its most important task is to harmonise IT systems across all the GLS Group companies.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the parcel business of an Italian franchisee in the regions of Verona, Mantova and Bussolengo.

100% ownership in Hungary

GLS Hungary becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLS. For more than a year now General Parcel Hungary has been operating under the name GLS Hungary.