Freight delivery by GLS

GLS does not only deliver parcels to private households, but also freight shipments. If the consignor has sent you the shipment number, you can track the freight shipment you are to receive online at any time.

Standard freight delivery times

Throughout the Benelux countries and to defined regions in France, a freight shipment usually reaches its consignee within 24 hours. Deliveries from other European destinations generally take between 48 and 96 hours.

Delivery at a specific date

If you are expecting a very heavy or large freight shipment, GLS Freight Solutions will contact you to make an appointment for the time of delivery. We will do this even without a special order of the sender, because in such cases it is especially important that somebody is present to accept the shipment.

Second delivery attempt

If no appointment is arranged and nobody is present at the time of delivery, GLS will undertake a second delivery attempt.

Your shipment number

If the freight shipment cannot be delivered to the specified delivery address, the GLS driver leaves a notification card which holds your shipment number. You can use this number to track your shipment online via Track & Trace.

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