GLS on-site: warehouse jobs, office jobs and more

Muck in – GLS Austria is looking for motivated employees to work in its ten depots


What you can expect at GLS – for example in a warehouse job


Support the GLS team in the heart of the company – the depot. This is where the logistical threads come together.

In a warehouse job, you ensure quick, reliable and secure parcel processing. As an employee in delivery dispatch/service, you process parcel enquiries and cooperate closely with transport partners and delivery drivers. Strictly adhering to the high GLS quality standards. Play your part.

We offer you a dynamic working environment, a sector-appropriate salary and much more.

What you should bring with you

  • Professional experience, preferably in the transport or service sector
  • A structured and quality-oriented way of working
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Assertiveness and motivation

Do you like to muck in and feel you are perfect for a warehouse job? Or do you like to work in an office with varied tasks and contact with transport partners and delivery people? If so, you should apply to GLS.

Finger on the pulse of logistics – service and warehouse jobs at GLS

The depot is the fulcrum of parcel services. The operative tasks in the sorting and distribution hall are part of the core business. Only if the team in the depot works together closely, parcels can be smoothly sorted and allocated – before the delivery drivers bring the goods to the end customer.

In short: jobs in the depot are an exciting challenge. And important for the success of the company. You and your colleagues in warehouse jobs know the workflows like the backs of your hands. Together, you get involved wherever needed. As an employee in delivery dispatch/service, you always have a keen eye on the whole parcel business: you process enquiries and perform research and documentation, and are therefore an important interface for our transport partners and their delivery drivers. Working closely together, you meet the high standards of our customers.