GLS Austria delivers parcels by bike

GLS AT-Website_News Lastenfahrrad_100x140 News 27/06/2016

Since the start of the year, GLS has been relying on low-emission delivery by cargo bike in Graz city centre.

Narrow, winding alleyways, heavy traffic and a lack of parking spaces: where delivery vehicles meet their limits, GLS delivers parcels by e-bike. Supported by electric pedal assistance, the delivery driver can manoeuvre through Graz city centre right to the entrance of the shop receiving a delivery.

Cargo bikes are easy to move and simple to park. Battery charging overnight provides enough power for the whole day. Only the parcels need to be restocked, with up to 70 stops made possible this way. At the location close to the city centre, the delivery driver picks up the deliveries from the Unterpremstätten GLS depot each morning.

GLS pushes alternative drives

The efficient and environmentally friendly use of cargo bikes is proving its worth: soon GLS will be stocking up the Graz bicycle fleet with another ten e-bikes, cutting down on up to six diesel vehicles in the process. In addition, the parcel service will begin delivery with electric cars in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg before the end of the year.

Alternative drives are designed to help reduce the strain on the environment caused by parcel delivery – one of the aims of the Group-wide environmental initiative from GLS: ThinkGreen.

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