If you have any cause for complaint


GLS will gladly help you in dealing with any case of complaints. The damage and loss ratio of GLS is consistently at a very low level, because GLS sets great store by reliability. If you nevertheless are not satisfied with our service, please let us know. You can do this online using the contact form or calling the hotline.

To ensure your complaint is handled quickly, please tell us the parcel number or the Track ID from your notification card, so we can take care of your complaint as quickly as possible.

What should I do if my parcel is damaged?

The sender is responsible for packing goods properly. If a parcel has any external damage, for example a hole in the box, you can refuse to accept the parcel. GLS will then return the parcel to the depot and inform the sender about the complaint.

If you accept a seemingly intact parcel and subsequently discover that the contents are damaged, you should complain to the sender. This is because GLS cannot check and must not check the contents of sent parcels. Postal secrecy also applies to GLS.

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Each day GLS transports more than 1.5 million parcels across Europe. A range of safety measures keeps the damage and loss ratio at a constantly low level. As a result, it is below 0.01 percent. Regardless, it can still happen that a parcel is damaged. If, for example, you see a hole in your parcel or fluid is leaking from it, you can refuse to accept it. If you don’t accept the parcel, you won’t need to file a complaint. GLS will then sort out the matter directly with the sender.

If you accept a seemingly intact parcel and discover later on that the contents are damaged, you should complain directly to the senders, as they are responsible for handling and resolving such complaints.