Diesel surcharge

GLS Austria charges a diesel surcharge as of summer 2005. This is because the rising crude oil prices have a significant impact on the transport price - and therefore also on the costs of parcel transport.

The fuel surcharge is levied on the net freight (including surcharges) and displayed separately as well as transparently on invoices.

Parcel dispatch inIndex of
previous month on
Index change
to May 2005
Diesel surcharge
February 202027.01.202039,07 points4,19%
January 202016.12.201938,66 points4,14%
December 201925.11.201939,34 points4,21%
November 201921.10.201939,07 points4,19%
October 201923.09.201943,03 points4,61%
September 201926.08.201936,07 points3,86 %
August 201922.07.201937,70 points4,04 %
July 201917.06.201938.39 points4.11 %
June 201920.05.201945.49 points4.87 %
May 201915.04.201943.17 points4.62 %
April 201925.03.201939.48 points4.23 %
March 201925.02.201940.44 points4.33 %
February 201921.01.201940.44 points4.33 %
January 201917.12.201841.39 points4.43 %
December 201826.11.201854.10 points5.80 %
November 201822.10.201855.74 points5.97 %
October 201824.09.201849.04 points5.25 %
September 201827.08.201843.58 points4.67 %

Calculation of the diesel surcharge

For the purpose of calculating the diesel surcharge, GLS Austria takes an index as a basis that is determined by the Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) according to the "Fuel Price Motor".

To the Fuel Price Motor

GLS Austria sets the index and therefore the diesel surcharge for one month. The most recently published index of the previous month is the basis for the calculation of the surcharge for the current month.

As a starting value for the calculation of the GLS surcharge serves the index of May 2005, which corresponds to a diesel surcharge of 0 %.

More information on the development of the price of gasoline and the diesel surcharge monitor (German)